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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

The benefits of babywearing

My wife and I have gone through several slings and other baby carriers with our four kids. Our kids have been very content to snuggle up with us in their slings while we cook, do chores, garden, or anything else we would normally not be able to do while carrying a baby. It's always amazed me how long our little barnacles would sit, lay or sleep contently in our sling, and many of them are comfortable enough that you almost don't notice that you have a baby attached to you.

This page lists lots of information about babywearing:

Great Things About Babywearing

For example,

- Babies cry less
- Helps newborns to adapt to life outside the womb
- Children are more likely to be independent at an earlier age

The page cites many peer-reviewed scientific studies that include information about the benefits of babywearing and attachment parenting. Sounds like there are some great reasons why our kids have been so content in their slings!


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